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Psychotherapy and physiotherapy in Warsaw

Our team of psychotherapists and specialists in the field of specialist physiotherapy is here to help you deal with the problems you are facing, discover the ways they are rooted in psyche and how they are connected with your body and your well-being. Our specialist co-operate closely with each other in order to develop the best form of therapy for you.

It is crucial to remember how body and mind are inherently connected in a therapeutic process. Our main goal in Przestrzeń Holistic is to focus on the relationship between those two aspects of our functioning and that is why in our centre you will find psychotherapists, sex therapists, addition therapists, couples therapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Przestrzeń Holistic is a team of dedicated professionals who follow an unconventional, multidimensional approach. We are committed to improving our skills and our self-development through taking part in workshops, conferences, regular supervision as well as undergoing our own therapies.

A planned visit can only be cancelled no later than 24 hours before scheduled time. A session that didn’t take place and hadn’t been cancelled or had been cancelled after that time is fully paid. A single absence results in the payment of the session that was missed and a 100% pre-payment before the next one (up to 48 hours before the meeting).

Renata Głuszek

Renata Głuszek
A psychodynamic psychotherapist, a sociotherapist working with children and adolescents

Anna Domańska

A psychologist, a sex therapist who works with adolescents and adults, a couples therapist

Katarzyna Brejnakowska

A psychologist who specializes in sex therapy, a psychotraumatologist, a couples therapist

Lena Szturomska Jóźwik
An addiction therapist who works with children, adolescents and adults,a coach

Beata Chmielewska
A physiotherapist, an osteopath

Emilia Kołodziejska